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the Bernese Mountain

Dog is on the Golf Course!


“TuckerTees Off”

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell.

Poems and rhymes by Lynn Campion and Stoney Brown.

68 pages, 11 x 8.5”, hardcover • 28 full-color illustrations

ISBN-10: 0692530827 • ISBN-13: 978-0-692-53082-5




Also available...."Tucker's Seasonal Words of Wisdom" Click here to read all about it!

Tucker Gets Tuckered

Theodore Waddell's first children's book! This charming book about his beloved Bernese Mountain dogs is a story about a playful pooch who has to get involved in everything.

Theodore Waddell accepts the 2015 Governor's Arts Award in Billings, MT.

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Written and illustrated by Theodore Waddell

2018, published by Bar R Books (Helena, Montana) Children’s Picture Book, 28 pages, $16.95  Book available at Riverbend Publishing


Ted Waddell was born and raised in Laurel, Montana, a small railroad community west of Billings. His new book, Memories of Childhood, tells of an idyllic rural childhood with caring parents, close friends, farm animals, and numerous boyhood adventures. 

Before cell phones and video games, growing up in the west required exploration fueled by imagination. Nature played a major role as a fertile playground and a stern teacher.  The humble stories relate lessons learned in the joys and heartaches of growing up in a rural environment. Waddell recalls a simpler life, although not necessarily an easier one, as young boy he worked many colorful jobs for low wages. 

The fourteen playful illustrations in the book are splendidly populated with chickens and cows, boys and dogs, threshing machines and tractors. Readers will find a common thread in these Montana memories of hunting and fishing, farm choirs and fall harvest.  

Parents, and particularly grandparents, will enjoy reading these stories to young people. Memories of Childhood is a book of memories worth sharing. Collectors of Ted Waddell’s paintings, prints and other books will enjoy this addition if this thoughtful boyhood memoir. 


Theodore Waddell  

My Montana

 Paintings and Sculpture, 1959–2016

By Rick Newby

“There are a number of art books published in any given year, many of them worth remarking upon. But occasionally a title comes along that creates its own weather. For Big Sky Journal, the new consideration of the life and work of Ted Waddell by Rick Newby is one of the most significant publishing occasions of the year.”

Corinne Garcia, Big Sky Journal, Arts 2017

Born in 1941 in Billings, Montana, painter, sculptor, and rancher Theodore Waddell stands as one of the West’s most celebrated contemporary artists. His paintings and prints of “landscapes with animals” couple abstract expressionist technique with creatures—Black Angus cattle, horses, and bison—that populate the high plains and mountain valleys of today’s ranching West.

Richly illustrated with the artist’s own work, as well as images from his personal archive, Theodore Waddell: My Montana, traces Waddell’s influences, ranging from the Cezannesque works of Montana rancher, painter and teacher Isabelle Johnson to the abstract expressionism of Robert Motherwell, the expressionist figuration of Robert DeNiro Sr., and the classic western paintings of Karl Bodmer, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, Thomas Moran, Joseph Henry Sharp, and Maynard Dixon.

Theodore Waddell: My Montana is published by Drumlummon Institute of Helena, MT, and is distributed by the University of Oklahoma Press.

With access to Waddell’s journals and letters and an extensive oral history recently completed, author Rick Newby offers unprecedented insight into Waddell’s first years as an avowed artist and his period of struggle and disciplined creativity. Newby portrays Waddell’s decades as a practicing rancher and the years of his success— when his sculptures and vast canvases have found homes in leading museums.

“Theodore Waddell’s vast (and intimate) canvases represent the pinnacle of contemporary western painting and the telling of his life and work lends rich texture and depth to the evolving narrative of the development of modern and contemporary western art,” said author Rick Newby.

Ultimately, Theodore Waddell’s works are important, not simply because they bring together disparate traditions but because they stand as emotionally and sensuously resonant works of art that speak of landscapes and animals, life and death, austerity and abundance. They possess, in the words of Seattle Times critic Robin Updike, an “immense, poetic dignity.”

This volume also includes a gathering of essays celebrating the life and art of Theodore Waddell by the Montana curators, critics, scholars, poets, and fiction writers who have known him best. Contributors include the Honorable Pat Williams, Robyn Peterson, Bob Durden, Gordon McConnell, Mark Browning, Donna Forbes, Greg Keeler, Patrick Zentz, Scott McMillion, William Hjortsberg, Paul Zarzyski, and Brian Petersen.

Rick Newby has contributed major essays to the exhibition catalogs A Ceramic Continuum: Fifty Years of the Archie Bray Influence and The Most Difficult Journey: The Poindexter Collections of American Modernist Painting. He is the editor of In Poetic Silence: The Floral Paintings of Joseph Henry Sharp, by Thomas Minckler.

Theodore Waddell: My Montana is priced at $29.95 paperback, and $45 cloth, 288 pages, with 185 color and 40 black and white illustrations. The book is distributed by the University of Oklahoma Press for Drumlummon Institute, Helena, MT. The book is available from online booksellers, in bookstores, and directly from the University of Oklahoma Press: 1- 800-627-7377 _______________________________________________

To arrange an interview with Theodore Waddell in Montana, please contact Corby Skinner at SkinnerBenoit Public Relations, 622 North 29th, Billings, MT 59101, 406-294-2390 or email

Author contact: Rick Newby, Drumlummon Institute, 418 West Lawrence Street, Helena, MT 59601, 406-461-7494,

Also Available from Riverbend Publishing..

Tucker is Back!  Golf and Tucker the Bernese Mountain Dog are Focus of New Book by Theodore Waddell

Award-winning painter and sculptor Theodore Waddell makes art about the things he loves. He is best known for his landscapes with animals, vast canvases that bring together western subject matter - angus cattle, sheep, horses, and the occasional bison.  On the side, Waddell has been creating beautifully illustrated books about his other enthusiasms, Bernese Mountain Dogs and now the game of golf.

Theodore Waddell and his wife, Lynn Campion, together with nationally recognized PGA Pro Stoney Brown, have released “Tucker Tees Off,” the third in the series of children’s books featuring Tucker the Bernese Mountain Dog. 

In “Tucker Tees Off,” Tucker is joined on the golf course by other canines and various creatures. Woven throughout are rhymes and poems related  to golf. Tips and quips accompany Tucker in his quest  to finish all 18 holes during the Intermountain golf season. Lynn Campion and Pro Stoney Brown add humorous yet meaningful advice that  every age can treasure . . . or ignore.

Published by Bar R Books of Helena, Montana, the 68-page book features 28 full-color illustrations. “Tucker Tees Off” joins the two previous volumes in the “Tucker” series; the first, “Tucker Gets Tuckered,” came out in 2006, and the second, “Tucker’s Seasonal Words of Wisdom,” was published by Bar R Books in 2014.

“Tucker Tees Off” is distributed by Riverbend Publishing of Helena, Montana, and is available at fine bookstores everywhere or by contacting Riverbend, 1-866-787-2363;; P.O. Box 5833; Helena, MT 59604–5833; or can be ordered directly at The 68-page hardcover book sells for $16.95.

November, 2014:

About " Tucker's Seasonal Words of Wisdom" 

Painter and sculptor Theodore Waddell is best known for his “landscapes with animals,” vast canvases that bring together western subject matter (Black Angus cattle, sheep, horses, and the occasional bison) and the painterly approach of Abstract Expressionism. On the side, Waddell makes drawings of things he loves, especially Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Waddell and his wife, Lynn, introduce you to another delightful children’s book in the "Tucker" series: Tucker’s Seasonal Words of Wisdom.  Waddell's thirty-two color illustrations detail the further adventures and thoughtful wisdom of Tucker and his friends. The first volume, Tucker Gets Tuckered, came out in 2006. Campion adds a new layer of philosophy to follow these affectionate "Berners" through the seasons of a year.

As one reader wrote about Waddell’s first children’s book, Tucker Gets Tuckered, “The story is fun for kids, but also rings true for any adult who has ever had the privilege of sharing their home with a pet. And the illustrations are world class.”

Theodore Waddell is an internationally known artist. His work is shown in museums and galleries throughout the United States and can be found in private and public collections throughout the world.

Lynn Campion is a photographer and author of two books, including Rodeo: Behind the Scenes at America’s Most Exciting Sport. She is an accomplished horsewoman and devotes most of her time to philanthropic endeavors.

Together with their beloved animals, they divide their time between homes in Sheridan, Montana, and Hailey, Idaho.


"Tucker’s Seasonal Words of Wisdom"

$16.95, Ask about volume discounts.

Published by Bar R Books, Helena, Montana. Distributed by Riverbend Publishing • contact Riverbend at (406) 449–0200 • • P.O. Box 5833 • Helena, MT 59604–5833 •



Tucker Gets Tuckered

Theodore Waddell's first children's book! This charming book about his beloved Bernese Mountain dogs is a story about a playful pooch who has to get involved in everything.

Tucker's not the kind of dog who just sits around the house. Oh no. There's always something fun to do somewhere, and whatever it is, Tucker knows where to find it. Is that Tucker on the golf course? Is that him sunning on the beach? You won't believe all the crazy things he likes to do, and all the different places he likes to go. No wonder Tucker gets tuckered. Wouldn't you?

Theodore Waddell is an artist whose love of nature and animals (especially Bernese Mountain Dogs) can be seen in his masterly landscapes of Idaho and his native Montana. His work hangs in galleries across the country and is on display at the Denver Museum of Art, the Boise Art Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others. He and his wife Lynn Campion, divide their time between studios in Idaho and Montana.