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the Bernese Mountain

Dog is on the Golf Course

“TuckerTees Off”

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell.

Poems and rhymes by Lynn Campion and Stoney Brown.





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Tucker Gets Tuckered

Theodore Waddell's first children's book! This charming book about his beloved Bernese Mountain dogs is a story about a playful pooch who has to get involved in everything.

Theodore Waddell accepts the 2015 Governor's Arts Award in Billings, MT.

A 2020 publication by Theodore Waddell

“Theodore Waddell writes of his wild reverence for the land and the fellow beings with whom he shares Her as if he's slapping oils onto colossal canvases—unafraid to lay it on thick and gritty, and you bet, poetically musical and sentimental.”                        ~ Paul Zarzyski

The West has a storytelling history, and everyone has a story. This is artist Theodore Waddell’s—an illustrated mosey through the landscape, livestock, and colorful characters that made up his life as a cattleman in a remote part of Central Montana. The essays that compose this memoir have much in common with his art. They are frank, evocative sketches that deftly combine the abstract and the literal to effectively communicate the persistent struggle and beauty of ranch life.  

Each essay is accompanied by a painting and line drawings. Though these illustrations share DNA with the super-sized abstract impressionist paintings for which Waddell is known, they are more narrative in nature. The words and pictures found in Cheatgrass Dreams are an authentic distillation of life in the West’s rural and remote corners: unflinchingly heartfelt,  surprisingly wry and brutally honest. 

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My Montana  

Paintings and Sculpture, 1959–2016

By Rick Newby


Born in 1941 in Billings, Montana, painter, sculptor, and rancher Theodore Waddell stands as one of the West’s most celebrated contemporary artists. His paintings and prints of “landscapes with animals” couple abstract expressionist technique with creatures—Black Angus cattle, horses, and bison—that populate the high plains and mountain valleys of today’s ranching West.

Richly illustrated with the artist’s own work, as well as images from his personal archive, Theodore Waddell: My Montana, traces Waddell’s influences, ranging from the Cezannesque works of Montana rancher, painter and teacher Isabelle Johnson to the abstract expressionism of Robert Motherwell, the expressionist figuration of Robert DeNiro Sr., and the classic western paintings of Karl Bodmer, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, Thomas Moran, Joseph Henry Sharp, and Maynard Dixon.

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